Dedicated Web Hosting Services.

Sometimes, you need to do it all yourself. With our dedicated web hosting services, you can use our full bandwidth features, and also manage the webserver yourself to add any features that you need to your webserver including asp hosting, jsp hosting, access database features, other flavours of unix, or any other popular packages.

Virtual Server hosting

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) offerings are a quick way to get your Linux hosting server up and running. We can set you up with a pre-built CentOS Linux and cpanel and/or whmcs system in minutes. You have full root and ssh access so you can get the job done using your extensive knowledge of Linux. Note some security questions will be asked before you are provisioned.

ASP hosting or JSP hosting

Since you own and manage your own server, you can put any operating system on your rackmount computer, and ASP hosting or JSP would be possible in this case.

Access Database

Similarly, if you need access database features, this is the best way to go.

Unix Hosting

If you need Sun Microsystem’s Solaris operating system, you can put that in there as well. We do offer some limited support on other UNIX operating systems at a per hour consulting rate, so this would work well for a half managed solution. We also are familiar with AIX, HPUX, Mac OS X, and Linux based operating systems.