Shared Web Hosting.

If you need reasonably priced hosting services, then shared hosting is for you. We offer unique domain names, email hosting, a free .ca domain name, and the ability to do ecommerce.

Unique domain name

With shared hosting, you are sharing a webserver with other clients allowing much lower costs. In spite of sharing the webserver, you still have a unique domain name that you do not share with anyone else.

Free Domain Name

Our small site shared hosting package sometimes includes a promotion for a free domain name (subject to promotion activation dates).

This will get you ready to go with your web presence right away.

email hosting

Our MySQL package includes email hosting with 60 email accounts on the mail server. This allows you to set up accounts for anyone in your organisation to give that professional touch to your incoming and outgoing email.


With ecommerce, you can accept credit cards online. Although we offer SSL encryption with shared hosting, you can still do ecommerce (and SSL) through reputable