SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Canada.

We provide search engine optimization in Canada that will provide current website holders with the ability to do an Internet market study, or “Market View” of their industry on the internet. The website holder can then do “pay per click advertizing” a “Connectivity Study” to help improve the Internet connectivity of the website. After that a full “Link Campaign” can be done to polish the connectivity of your site.

pay per click – PPC advertizing

A good pay per click PPC advertizing campaign is the quickest way to get visitors to your site. The long term “organic” search engine optimization that focuses on your website content can take weeks or months before the search engines pick up your site. Pay per click is a quick way to get your business on the search engines, and are experts in the field.

Professional Newsletters

We can provide you with professionally designed newsletters. Make sure your clients see your company as a clean professional entity with our top end graphically designed newsletters.

Social Media Marketing

We also offer social media plans. Let us handle your social media while you work on your business and not facebook.

Market view for organic SEO (search engine optimization)

The Market view quantifies the current competition on the net, and gives you reports on the current competition for your industry. The reports generated in this stage are very useful for inclusion in a Business Plan to back some financial plan that the website holder is hoping to present to a Bank, or other loan or financing agency.

The market view SEO will also give you the tools to rewrite your website to attract visitors “organically” without the use of paid for advertizing like pay per click.

The Connectivity Study will help improve the search engine rankings that your site currently has. By carefully analysing the data created, and generated by search engines, we can assess and predict the most profitable search terms on the Internet for your particular Industry. We are not talking about 10 to 15 terms, but THOUSANDS that are analysed. Again many valuable reports are generated for you or your client in this stage. These results will in turn be used to rewite the main pages on your website.

Surprisingly, only 20% of your new customers will come directly from search engines.

How do we know? Statmarket, a well respected Internet research company, has shown over a multi-year period, that over 80% of new visitors to sites come from inbound links from other sites, versus 20% from search engines. Your prospect may start at a search engine, but it is the links within the results that take them from one site to the next that will ultimately bring them to yours. We have tools to connect you to the websites that will generate you significant traffic and are most likely to give you a link.

That is where the Link Campaign comes into play. We will campaign thousands of websites using our proprietary software that sends out personal messages to competitive websites on the net RELATING TO YOUR INDUSTRY.

This solidifies your position not only on search engines, but also on the net.

This service has been used by many successful websites on the net including a cooking supply manufacturer that went from selling hundreds of items to thousands in less than a year.

This service works for any industry. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.